Chinese Company Shows We Could Build Cities in a Day With 3D Printing

As they say, Rome was not built in a day. That was exactly what came to my mind when I saw the feat of Chinese firm Yingchuang New Materials. While Rome not being built in a day still stands true, we could perhaps soon handle the construction department, at least build city buildings in a day.

The Chinese company erected ten 3D printed buildings in just a day. Interestingly enough, a bulk of the construction material used for these buildings was construction waste. Over the last 12 years, Yingchuang New Materials has spent 20 million yuan ($3.2 million) in creating machines that can 3D print self supporting structures.

The machines print out layers of construction waste and cement. Currently, the have four machines working to 3D print structures. In a recent demonstration, the company built ten houses at an industrial park in Shanghai. Built in just 24 hours, the houses will be used as offices. The only part of the construction not printed by the machine, was the roof. Yinchuang says an advance in technology would be required before the printers could churn out a roof.

Via Dezeen

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