Photographer Shows the Cute Side of Pit Bulls

We love dogs, but some breeds get to carry the tag of being “too aggressive.” Pit Bulls are one breed that often get labeled as aggressive and dangerous, and often have to pay for this reputation. Several of these dogs end up in shelters, labeled as “bully breeds.” Photographer Douglas Sonders is on a PR mission to remove the unjust tag from 14 breeds, that include the Pit Bulls, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

Sonders’ PR campaign for dogs, Not a Bully was inspired by his own Pit Bull, Emma. The dog came from a high-kill shelter and was rescued and placed in foster care.

As Sonders says:

“Nobody wanted her due to her appearance. Aside from her love to sneak onto my bed when I’m away, she’s perfectly behaved.”

Via Mashable

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