Hardcore Armor for Your iPhone

Being a phone is not an easy job, especially when in the hands of someone prone to dropping the phone every now and then. If that describes the risk your phone runs, or even if you are generally careful about the safety of your phone, [BRIC+]extreme might just be the case you need.

The bumper case is designed for iPhone 5, 5s. They’ve even put iPhone 6 up there, so we’re assuming they intend to make one for the iPhone 6 once it shows up. The case is made of CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum shield that promises to protect the phone from shocks and impacts. Additional care and parts go into making the phone completely waterproof by covering the charging port and line-out.

Also included are a couple of transparent sheets that cover the front and rear of the phone and protect it from scratches. The case is currently up for funding on KicKstarter.

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