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Illustrator Jed Henry combines traditional Japanese art with modern popular culture icons to create these beautiful prints. His series of video game characters as traditional Japanese woodblock prints has been extremely successful, and now the artist is also working on combining popular anime with traditional Japanese woodblock art.

The series currently includes Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The artist says there are more to come, like the unfinished Naruto print (last image), and more series like One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, and more. Prints are available for $50 each.

Note: The Kanji in the images reads:

Image 1 [Naruto]: The bottom-left cartouche features the kanji 鳴戸, which is read naruto, meaning ‘maelstrom’. (Note: uzumaki has a similar meaning, translated as ‘whirlpool’.)

The top-right cartouche contains the kanji 古祟翻恵, loosely meaning “An ancient curse becomes a blessing”.

Image 2 [Dragon Ball]: The top-left cartouche contains the symbols 龍毬, literally meaning ‘dragon’ and ‘orb’.

The bottom-right cartouche features the kanji 不憩奮励, meaning ‘Never resting, striving higher’.

Image 3 [Avatar]: The left cartouche features the kanji 末撓気師, literally meaning “the last bending air master”.

The right cartouche contains the characters 土火気水, which mean ‘earth, fire, air, water’.

Naruto [incomplete]

Jed Henry on Tumblr