Elsa’s Ice Palace From Frozen in Lego

Elsa’s stunning snow palace from Frozen has a chance to be real, with a little help from Lego. The set was cooked up by Lego Cuusoo user Fohzen. His daughter requested one, and he realized it didn’t exist, so off went the man making a Lego set for one of the biggest hits of last year.

We like how the ice palace really does try to look like the ice palace. Not just the shape and color, but also the glimpses of transparency. To make things better, he added minifigs that include Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the snow monster. Sadly, no Sven or Kristoff yet, though Fohzen does plan to add them if the project goes for consideration.

The palace requires 10,000 votes for consideration, which will put it on the path of approval from Lego, and to eventual production.

Via ToplessRobot

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