Google’s Modular Smartphone Launch in January Next Year

Modular cellphones are a neat concept. Rather than buying a new phone once the technology gets outdated, you could simply swap the outdated part for the brand new one. In a simple sense, it is this idea that forms the basis of Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone.

The phone is now all set to be real and Google is headed to put it on store shelves in January next year. Buyers will be able to select what bits to include in their device, so you could get rid of features you barely use, or fill the phone up with all the available features.

Consumers will also be able to customize their choice of colors, with options for 3D printed textured surfaces as well. Google’s Ara team hopes the modular smartphone would be a success. Since the phone has hardware that can be swapped, it won’t go obsolete as quickly as the current phones do, plus there’s the added benefit of reduced electronic waste.

Via TechCrunch

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