Extreme Sports With Handheld Jet Engines

You’re out for a dose of adrenaline and speed, and extreme sports has it on for you. The jet engine thrusters are what you need for a quick burst of speed. The thrusters from Dreamscience come in a set of four tiny jet engines that you strap around your torso and fire when you need speed.

Power comes from an onboard battery pack. Dreamscience says the thrusters have been tested by paragliders, skaters, skiiers and snowboarders. Using them, you could have 132 pounds of burst thrust, or sustained thrust of 88 pouns for 15 minutes. Or you could just use them to maneuver or slow around tight spots.

The video shows snowboarder Jamie Barrow taking the thrusters for a spin at a frozen lake near St. Moritz, Switzerland. He used a prototype, using only one thruster and clocked a top speed of 50mph. We can only imagine the wild speed that would come with using four of those.

Via Dvice

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