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Grass Printer concept is a little lawnmower that can leave your custom messages on the lawn. Plus, it works a bit like the roomba, so you could just leave it on the lawn to do its work. Grass Printer has a touchscreen where you can sketch the pattern you want the mower to draw, and then sit back to watch it do its job.

The concept makes use of smaller blades that can be moved around to recreate patterns. A shaft can move the blades horizontally and vertically to cut the grass into finer shape and size, so as to work as the printer.

Users can define the area of the “print” by placing four sensors at each corner. The sensors together create a box-like environment for the grass printer, and it prints the desired pattern within the area enclosed by these sensors.

Grass Printer concept is the work of Prof. Doh Han Young, Jeong Koo Hee & Kim Min Hong.

Via YankoDesign