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People will do crazy things to avoid going to work on a Monday, and we can totally understand and sympathize with this man’s predicament. Monday morning this week, at 7:25 a.m., Florida resident Dwayne A. Yeager called the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to inform them of a burglary at his house.

On the call, he said the door and windows of his house were open, and his TV was on the ground. Later he told the deputies that he had seen a white Honda Civic drive away. Deputies couldn’t find any sign of a forced break-in, so they spoke to the neighbors. Party poopers that all neighbors are, they told the deputies that they had seen Yeager open the doors and window. Nobody had seen a Civic.

When deputies presented the discrepancies to Yeager, he admitted to having staged the robbery so he could avoid going to work. He wanted to take the day off, but his wife was adamant that he go to work. He has been charged with providing false information to law enforcement.

He did get the day off though. Win?

Via BayNews9, Arbroath