Classic Japanese Katana Sword With a Contemporary Design

Aikuchi is a katana made with traditional Japanese skill in collaboration with Australian designer Marc Newson. The katana does not include a “lower guard” in its design, so in the traditional sense, it is not a weapon but something more like a good luck charm.

Contemporary design shows up in the minimalist aesthetics of the sword, while its construction follows the traditional Japanese style. Since it is typical for Japanese craftsmen to master only one style, several came together for the creation of this katana. Craftsmen well versed in lacquerware, woodwork, and blade-making worked together to get this katana ready, while Newson formed the overall design.

Only ten Aikuchi are set to go into production, with an “undisclosed price.” That is generally a simple term for things with a price tag that says way too expensive.

Via SpoonTamago

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