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People in public restrooms will often try several methods to open the door without having to touch the handle. The handles are, of course, considered a breeding ground for germs and a good number would prefer not to touch them. PullClean door handle with instant hand sanitizer intends to be a solution to that, especially in environments like hospitals.

PullClean door handle includes a blue panel at the bottom, which releases hand sanitizer, ensuring people have clean hands on their way out of the restroom. Created by British studio Agency of Design, the concept is especially geared towards hospitals where the busy staff may overlook the procedure of hand washing, and where sanitization is way more important.

PullClean Door Handle

According to the developers of the handle, “Hospital acquired infections kill 100,000 people in the US each year,” and a feature like the sanitizer might lower the number. PullClean also keeps up with analytics on its use, which can be viewed through a web portal. After trials at a US hospital, the developers claim the rate of hand sanitization went up from 22 percent to 77 percent. Trials in the UK are set to begin soon.

The device monitors its use with a software the company calls CountClean, and also keeps a check on the amount of sanitizer available, and when the cartridge should be changed.

Via Freshome