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Fairy Tales and Imagination in Shadow Boxes

Colorado based artists Hari & Deepti are both well trained and remarkable artists working as graphic designers and artists for different corporations in their day jobs. For their time together, the couple collaborate on these paper cut shadow boxes, some of which we see here.

Experimenting with paper for their project, the artists found interest in the medium’s “brutal simplicity” and the way it makes itself freely available to be molded by artists. Starting with cut shadow boxes in 2010, the artists kept refining on their work, experimenting with their use of light and dropping colors. Eventually, the light boxes traveled towards greater intricacy, and a more minimal aspect.

The dioramas are placed in a wooden box, with placement of paper deciding light and shade on the piece. LED strips behind the paper illuminate it to bring out the desired effect, as the couple explores more complex themes like shadows and reflections.

Via TheBlackBookGallery, Fubiz

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