Woman Receives a 3D Printed Skull Implant [video]

[Note: The video shows a part of the surgery. If you don’t have the stomach for it, do not watch beyond the 50 second mark.]

3D Printing is well on its way to changing the way we live. From making toys, art, food, cars, and medicine, the technology is making its impact felt in nearly every aspect of modern life. For a 22 year old Dutch woman, the technology has been especially helpful in helping her battle a medical condition.

A rare medical condition caused the skull of the woman to become excessively thick. This resulted in severe headaches, loss of coordination, and partial blindness. As the condition grew more severe, it threatened the life of the girl itself.

Doctors decided to try an implant. Traditionally, an implant like this is prepared by the doctors at the time of surgery, in the operating room itself. However, as skilled and practiced a doctor may be, precision is difficult to come by. Thankfully, 3D printers can prove handy. Australian fabricators worked to create a 3D printed skull implant for the woman.

The surgery took place three months ago, and the condition of the woman has greatly improved.

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