Tiny Nokia Fit Phone Sits On Your Finger, Somehow Works

Smartphones today can do the traditional job of the phone, plus a hell lot of things. Perhaps you would like a phone just for making phone calls, well, then the modern technology is sufficiently placed to create a tiny phone you wouldn’t have to carry around in your pockets. Nokia FIT is a concept phone that travels in the same direction, its existence solely to make and receive calls.

The independent concept from Issam Trabelsi goes over your finger like a ring and has touch surfaces to serve as basic function buttons. Made out of soft silicone and rubber, the phone is sufficiently flexible to not interfere with the movement of the finger wearing it, is waterproof so you don’t have to constantly worry about the phone. Notifications on the FIT are relayed to the user by means of vibrations.

According to the concept’s description, the phone is capable of basic functions like phone calls and texts. While we do understand that the phone can receive calls, it makes no indication of how you would make phone calls, or read/send texts, given that there is no screen or a keypad. It could probably have a projection keyboard like several concepts, or more likely, this seems to be an added accessory to a smartphone, akin to the Galaxy Gear, rather than being a phone all by itself.

Nokia Fit Concept

Via YankoDesign

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