$3.2 Million Custom Tailored Diamond Armor Suit Is Bulletproof, Waterproof, and Air Conditioned

Should you be willing to pay $3.2 million, this custom tailored suit will keep you in the lap of luxury and security. SuitArt has come up with Diamond Armor custom tailored suit so you can look as stylish and opulent as you would like to be, while being comfortable and protected.

Dubbed the “most expensive custom tailored suit in the world,” Diamond Armor suit is bulletproof by certified NATO standards and is ranked Level II in protection classification. Now you wouldn’t want your super expensive suit to be soiled by the most imperceptible of enemies i.e. liquids, so they made the top layer fabric of the suit with dirt-resistant and waterproof textile with nanotechnology from Schoeller Technologies.

In order to help the wearer keep cool, the suit incorporates an air conditioning system developed by EMPA. The system activates with the push of a button and keeps the wearer cool through a water humidification process.

Finally, that $3.2 million price tag demands some show of opulence. In that direction, the suit comes studded with 880 black diamonds, 600 of which grace the lapel and contours of the suit. Adding to the super spy feel of the suit, is the artwork on the lining that follows the 2012 spy movie This Means War.

Now that we are done with the suit, it is time to turn our attention towards accessories, because that’s what makes a suit go round. Diamond Armor is accompanied by a 24 karat golden silk tie that incorporates gold thread with black silk covers. Another available accessory is the Carl F. Bucherer limited edition watch that will see only 125 units built.

Zurich based SuitArt has priced the Diamond Armor suit at 2.8 million Swiss Francs ($3.2 million).

Via LuxuryLaunches

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