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Here is a simplistic view at life if there ever was one. Pinch this butt lamp to light it up, slap the butt to switch it off. That’s just the magic of glowing butts, where the sun shines right out of the arse. The glowing butt lamp by London based designer Joseph Begley is called Slap It, and offers “a multi-sensory experience to make you smile.”

The butts are made of natural silicone and react to squeezes, pinches, and slaps, much like a normal butt would, except these turn on and off at the application of this stimulus. Come to think of it, that’s quite similar behavior to natural butts. Though not the lighting up part, that’s better left metaphorical for the human butt.

The special lamps are available for sale, in a limited edition of 50 units with each carrying a price tag of £700 ($1167). That’s a lot of money to pay for slapping a butt.

Via HuffPo