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A couple of days ago, when we saw the Infinity Augmented Reality App and its concept applications, we were impressed. Also, a bit creeped out to realize the concept spent quite a bit of effort in reading moods of people and manipulating their effect. Turns out, that is the real deal, and ready for action.

Emotient has released a new app for private beta. The app called “sentiment analysis” for Google Glass lets the glass wearer see how the person in front of them is feeling. The app offers an aggregate emotional read-out, measuring overall sentiment (positive, negative or neutral); primary emotions (joy, surprise, sadness, fear, disgust, contempt and anger); and advanced emotions (frustration and confusion).

So you could simply read emotions of someone you are having a conversation with, without the other individual being any wiser about your movement. Emotient says the app could be used by retailers to better understand their customers. The way we see it, its another straw in the bucket of privacy concerns that have been raised against Google Glass.

Via Dvice