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Lotus is going the way of the motorcycle. And if this concept is any indication, they are doing it right. The recently unveiled Lotus C-01 is a concept from designer Daniel Simon, and includes quite a bit of the sci-fi and strong appearance you would expect the designer of the light cycles from Tron: Legacy to bring to the table.

C-01 has a touch of an old school cafe racer, but includes modern technology in its construction. Power comes from a 200 horsepower V-twin engine that moves a chassis made from steel, titanium and carbon fiber. Much of the body of the motorcycle is covered in carbon fiber as well.

The motorcycle will show up in several liveries, all harking back to the good old glory days of Lotus Motorsport. Formidable as the motorcycle may be, it will not be officially produced by Lotus, although it will carry the name. C-01 will be built in collaboration between motorsport veterans under the leadership of Kodewa, lead by Dr Colin Kolles. Lotus has granted a license of production to this group.