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Children have been playing around in large cars for decades now, but it is always an allure to have a better car available. And quite frankly, there’s little better you can go once you own an Aston Martin. Meet the DB Junior, a fully functional car for children of age 10 years and older.

DB Junior is the work of Heritage Dealer from West London, and is styled along the famous Aston Martin DB models of the ’60s. The petrol powered car has steel chassis, leather or vinyl seats, wood-rimmed steering wheel and hydraulic disc brakes.

The engine is a 110cc, four-stroke petrol engine with key-operated electric start mated to a three speed automatic gearbox. Top speed for the car is 46 mph, but can be restricted to a lower limit. It is priced upwards of £16,500 ($27,500).

Via Carscooop