There’s Plenty of Room In This 221 Square Feet Abode

Speaking of general wisdom, a space of 221 square feet would likely not be enough for comfortable living. Intelligent design and use however can come to the rescue in these situations, making ample use of the available space to get comfort from it. This tiny house has dimensions of just 8′ by 6′, and yet manages to pack a lot of living.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s Tiny House has a full size five burner range, an 18 cubic foot fridge, plenty of cabinet space, a TV, a home office, a living area, and a bedroom. All in all, they made their tiny space into a 221 square feet abode and used it to its fullest. Since most building regulations require a minimum area for house and rooms, they put wheels on this little project, and so it now qualifies as a recreational vehicle!

Via Tiny House Build, TinyHouseBlog, TreeHugger

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