Renault Off Roader Concept Packs Its Very Own Companion Drone

Renault’s offering at the New Delhi Auto Show was the KWID off-roader concept, which apart from the features it offers shall always be better known for including a companion drone. The quadcopter drone lays hidden in a rear pivoting roof section, and flies off on command from an integrated console manager in the car.

The drone/flying companion can scout the neighboring area and give the driver information on traffic, road conditions, and other variables, while relaying a video of the surroundings to the console. The drone can run through a programmed flying sequence that utilizes GPS coordinates, or the passengers in the vehicle can manually control the machine to their liking.

Without arguing about its uses, we think it is safe to say the drone is a big fat plaything we’d love to have in our car.

As for the other features, the car is built specially for India’s hot weather. KWID takes a better look at warmer climates. The five passenger car has the driver take on a central seat flanked by set back passenger seats. An LED display screen shows up the required information, and console to control the drone is placed towards the left of the steering wheel.

Power comes from a 1.2 L turbocharged engine, though it can be easily converted to an all electric drive.

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