Mexico’s Haunted Island of Dolls

Truth is stranger than fiction, they say. And real creepy dolls would make Chucky poop his pants and cry; all he needs to do is visit the haunted dolls island in Mexico. The island is located near a rural area called Xochimilco (tranlated to ‘a place of flowers’). Canals run through this area, and in this web of canals lives the “Island of Dolls.”

According to local folklore, the island was inhabited by Don Julián Santana, who lived there for 50 years away from his wife and children. Living away from human interaction, he passed away in 2001, leaving behind an island made thoroughly creepy by the myriad of dolls Don Julián Santana put there.

“There are many stories about why the dolls are here. Some people claim Don Julián was mad, and that he’d fish dolls out of the canal believing they were real children, and that he could nurse them back to life. But the real story is that, soon after Don Julián arrived on the island, he came to believe this place was haunted by the spirit of a poor young girl who drowned in the canal. So when he saw a doll floating past he took it and put it on a tree, both to protect himself from evil and make the dead girl happy. But one doll wasn’t enough; soon Don Julián had made the entire island into a shrine.”

The island is now managed by Anastasio, a cousin of Don Julián Santana, who allows locals and tourists to visit the island dwelling for a small fees.

Photographs: Esparta
Via BizarreMag, SoBadSoGood

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