Vampire Appliances That Suck the Life Out of Your Wallet in Utility Bills

Appliances we use at home are mostly just at “sleep” when not in use, rather than being completely powered off. While in their sleep state the appliances and gadgets don’t consume as much power and electricity as they would while working, they do consume small, yet very well noticeable amounts of power. This is generally given the name of vampire power or standby power.

Just a casual look around will give you a fair idea of the number of appliances you have on sleep, and who are silently sucking electricity. The TV, computer, scanner, printer, cordless phone, and any number of appliances left connected to the mains without being completely powered off. While the individual usage of each of these might be tiny, it quickly piles up with the number of devices you have at hand, and the time for which they have been running.

This infographic from Castlegate Lights puts into perspective the electricity usage and consumption lost to vampire power.

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