Bra Only Comes Off For True Love

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has designed a bra that promises to only open up for “true love” and potentially save women from things like one-night stands that they may later find unsavory. To put it straight and simple, the True Love Tester bra won’t come off until it is sure you are truly in love, and when it is sure of that, clasps at its front open and the bra comes off automatically.

It contains a heart rate sensor that continuously feeds data to a cellphone app by means of Bluetooth. The app compares this with activities like shopping, watching a horror movie, flirting, jogging, or receiving a surprise gift. When it finds itself convinced that it has met true love, it springs into action, or rather jumps out of action automatically.

Well, the automatic thing might be a bit of a problem because the brassiere never really knows the right time to come off, it just knows it should come off. Irrespective of where the wearer is.

Via NewLaunches

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