Small House Can Move On Its Own Wheels

The Tiny Project is a house on wheels built by web designer Alek Lisefski. The house measures 8 feet by 20 feet, and for the most part intends to be a dwelling that has a low environment footprint, and is incredibly efficient.

The house has a passive solar energy system, several windows and all glass doors to fill it up with natural light, propane fueled stoves and on demand hot water, washer/dryer unit, and refrigerator with freezer; plus insulation all around for increased efficiency.

Small House on Wheels The Tiny Project by Alek Lisefski

The Tiny House is currently inhabited by the designer, his girlfriend, and their dog. According to Alek, once the house is in a more permanent location, it can have more solar panels and a water collection system to be as independent as possible. For now, the house needs a water hose and extension cord from the main house to keep its operation.

Via The Tiny Project, Freshome

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