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tomb of ancient egyptian beer brewer

There are a few things humanity has been consistent in throughout its history. Ingesting alcohol is probably one of the few fun things we’ve been doing ever since the time of our ancestors. Perhaps as a testament to that fact, Japanese archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the tomb of a dude who apparently was maker of beer for gods of the dead.

That is a pretty smart job in our opinion. A maker of beer for gods of the dead is virtually destined to find favor in the afterlife.

The tomb belongs to 3200 year old beer brewer Khonso Em Heb. Who, apart from making beer for gods was also in-charge of royal storehouses during the pharaonic Ramesside period. Walls and ceiling of the tomb are covered in paintings and sculptures that depict life in the time of the beer brewer.

Archaeologists found the tomb of Khonso Em Heb at the Thebes necropolic site in the city of Luxor. It was found while cleaning the courtyard of a tomb belonging to a high official from the reign of King Amenhotep III of the 18th dynasty. According to Egypt’s antiquities minister Mohamed Ibrahim, this is “one of the most important discoveries made in the city of Luxor.”

Via NationalGeographic, ABC, DailyMail

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