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First asteroid to be sighted this year was the 2014 AA, and it was also the first asteroid to enter the Earth’s atmosphere this year. Interestingly enough, this is only the second time ever that we have managed to see an asteroid, before it hit the planet, the first such instance being in 2008.

The asteroid was a tiny rock, measuring just 2-4 meters in length. Objects that size generally disintegrate as the enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a high speed. 2014 AA probably had the same fate and burnt up over the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa.

Even with its tiny size, and a relatively slow velocity that has been estimated at about 10km/s, the asteroid is supposed to have yielded a kiloton of released energy on impact at an altitude of 35 kilometers.

Images from top: NASA, Pasquale Tricarico, Bill Gray

Via Slate, Wired, Ernesto Guido