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Roadkill Burial in At Rest by Emma Kisiel

At Rest by photographer Emma Kisiel is a series that shows decent last rites given to animals. Most of the animals in the series are roadkill. The photographer does not move their bodies, but usually places stones and flowers around them, creating something of a last rite for the deceased animals.

Much of Emma Kisiel’s work is centered around animals, and the human interaction and experience with animals. The photographer hopes to bring a greater conscience to society’s interaction with animals, from the way the often ignored roadkill is looked upon, to the loved pets at home. The dark yet compelling photographs from “At Rest” are quite a powerful medium to get her message across.

The photographer says:

My images draw attention to the fact that, while man has a vast impact on animal and natural life, Americans are largely driven by the dominant religion of Christianity, which insists that animals do not have a place in Heaven and are, therefore, of little value in our society.

hey are happened upon, visited with, remembered, and left to return to nature.

Via Emma Kisiel, Ignant