Boost Creativity With a Device That Zaps You For Procrastinating

Gadget Delivers Shock if you Procrastinate

Procrastination is probably the most loved and honored tradition of humans. We can call it evil as much as we want, but we’ll procrastinate the first chance we get. Not so for London based designer Ling Tan, who would apparently prefer to electrocute procrastinators than have them slack off.

An ideal gadget for evil megacorps, the gadgets ensure people are focusing on their jobs, and shock them if they aren’t. At the very basic level, the system monitors the wearer’s EEG, and if the brainwaves are found to present a state where it appears that the mind is not focused, the wearer is treated to an electric shock.

The designer has created a selection of 12 such gadgets, which you can wear depending on where you would like your shipment of productivity and shock to be delivered on the procrastinating body.

It must be pointed out that the designer is no fan of these gadgets, but intends them to present the negative aspect and the potential invasiveness of wearable technology. Another thing to reckon would be the long term effects of wearable-invasive technology on the user. Electroshock Productivity Boosters from the designers Reality Mediators Project are an excellent way to drive the point home, considering the human brain does not generally stay focused for more than a few minutes.

That said, now that the idea is afloat, we can imagine some corporation like GNB or Umbrella Corp. investing in something like this for increased productivity.

Via Ling Tan, Walyou

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