Classic Paintings Get Pixelated Recreations in Lego

Masters who created the beautiful paintings we call classics had skills worthy of their name, and a palette of colors and shapes to follow the strokes of the brush. Recreating those masterpieces with 8-bit style pixels would be tough enough, but doing that recreation with Lego bricks is surely what deserves attention.

Italian artist Marco Sodano recreated three classic paintings with Lego bricks, following the idea that every child with Lego can be a great artist. That actually makes perfect sense considering you could build a working car out of plastic bricks. Apparently, working with Lego would have you limited by your imagination, and perhaps your finances.

While these 8-bit Lego paintings do look like Lego advertisements, Sodano mentions that they are “faux advertisements” made independently by the artist himself.

Classic Portraits in 8-bit Style With Lego by Marco Sodano

Via Marco Sodano on Behance, Design-Milk

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