Artist Dresses Ferrari F430 in Leather, Tattoos It

Tattooed Ferrari F430 by Phillipe Pasqua

Artist Philippe Pasqua started off this project with a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The supercar was first wrapped in cowhide, taking care to cover every nook and crevice of the body, while ensuring the leather followed the curves of the Ferrari as well as it could be. This would in itself be a tricky job, considering the joints, hinges and crevices are not the best friends of a leather coat.

The artist then covered up the leather with tattooed motifs, quite similar to popular tattoo designs, with the artist’s touch going towards Japanese art. Tattoos on the Ferrari show off skulls, dragons, and sea creatures.

For a project this size, the detailing is exquisite, quite like the creatures it displays, and the Ferrari seems to lend itself very well to the look. The project was completed in 2011, and like a good piece of art should be, the Ferrari art was promptly hung from a wall.

Via Philippe Pasqua, AvaxNews

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