Mattel’s Utility Belt Comes With Batarang

Mattel 66 Batman Utility Belt and Batarang

If you’re going to be a vigilante and play Batman, you need the gear to go along. Alfred and the Batcave might be difficult, and the Batmobile and the ninja skills, well, not even the massive Wayne Enterprises, but no one can take away the Batman costume from the heart set on saving Gotham. Once you’ve got the costume going, you need a utility belt for all the bat-gadgets.

This one is based off Batman’s utility belt from the ’60s, and has pouches to hold the foldable batarangs. Interestingly enough, the pouches open at the bottom, so be careful not to clumsily drop the batarang while preparing to take down the Penguin. The 43-inch belt has four pouches, four opening tubes, and a 12-inch blue foldable batarang. Costs $125.

Via ComicsAlliance

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