Birds Dress Up In The Funkiest Of Hairstyles

Birds in Becoming Otherwise by Karley Feaver

Birds, as everyone is well aware, like to stay on top of the fashion line. You get to see them in fantastic colors and impressive style. Well, that apparently wasn’t just cutting it, so birds have now gone the route of some real funky hairstyles, several of which are inspired by the way humans treat their hair.

Unfortunately, this is more of a hairdo-after-death kind of thing, with taxidermy birds set up with glorious hairstyles. New Zealand-based artist Kar­ley Feaver, in her series Becoming Otherwise dressed up several stuffed birds in magnificent hairstyles and hairdos, and added a few more touches.

The taxidermy birds have received an addition of human hair, gold plated metal, wood, and a few other additions including more touches of color.

Via Saatchi, BrownPaperBag

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