Miniature Cement People Lead a Fairly Somber Life

miniature cement figures by Isaac Cordal

Life of the miniature cement people depicted in the works of Spanish artist Isaac Cordal (previously) could be considered somber, perhaps even dull as they deal with the stagnant topics of everyday life. The artist has been placing pieces from the series titled Cement Eclipse in several towns across Europe, starting in 2006 with his hometown of Vigo, Spain.

Cordal says that our views are generally focused on beautiful and large things. A city however, has areas that may not be considered to be as glamorous. Or places that were once important and are now overlooked. The artist focuses on these very places as the scene of action for the miniature figures, creating a small scale intervention to “develop a different way of looking at our behaviour as a social mass.”

Via Isaac Cordal, AgendaMagazine, B/D

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