Classic Formula 1 Liveries On The Racers of 2013

McLaren, 1992

Once upon a time, Formula 1 cars used to have a paintjob that matched the flags of their countries. The game has since changed, and the cars have been plastered with advertisements instead. Well, the current advertisement plastered cars are no rarity for us, but there’s always a nostalgia in looking back at the past. Camille de Bastiani has created a set of images that show the Formula 1 cars of 2013 dressed in the liveries of various years ranging from the 1960s to mid 2000s.

Benetton, 1996

Jordan, 1991
Benetton, 1993
Lotus, 1986
Ferrari, 1982
Lotus, 1987
Alfa Romeo, 1985
Sauber, 1994

Via designboom


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