Car Made Entirely Out of Lego Has a Lego Engine That Runs On Air, Is Drivable

Lego Car

A brainchild of Melbourne based Steve Sammartino and Romania based Raul Oaida, this life sized car is quite the Lego project. The project was crowdfunded by 40 patrons who were apparently enamored enough with the idea to drop the money on a single tweet by Steve Sammartino.

Heading to the details, the car was built using more than 500,000 bricks, which cost more than $60,000 to purchase. The hot rod does not have its tires, gauges and wires in Lego, but that seems like an insignificant detail compared to the fact that it has an engine built all out of Lego, and it runs on air!

The main engine consists of four orbital engines that have 256 pistons and run on compressed air to propel the car. The Lego-mobile has a top speed of 12-17mph (20-30km), though the creators drive it a lot slower, considering it may be risky to drive a car made of plastic bricks any faster.

Named Super Awesome Micro Project, the car was built over 20 months in Romania, then shipped to Melbourne. Now there is nothing to even imply that this could be a fake, but the sheer level of awesomeness of the Lego car leaves us a bit skeptical; a doubt that we are sure will wash off soon enough.

Super Awesome Micro Project

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