Willie City Bus Concept Comes Wrapped in Transparent LCD

Willie Bus Concept

Willie transparent LCD bus concept by Tad Orlowski is a modern touch of technology to conventional mass transport. Appearance wise, the design does not travel into changing the overall shape of the bus, but rather sticks to a somewhat conventional, but mostly a minimalist and elegant design. The highlight of the design is the body of the bus that comes wrapped in transparent LCDs.

Display panels that cover the bus could be put to use as interactive or simple billboard advertisements, or for information display units for passengers. While buses often do carry advertisements, having a digital billboard like this would allow the advertisements to be more interactive, and with greater variety. Similarly, they could be transformed into typical display units employing information for passengers, and even providing touch controls for the commuters.

Willie Bus Concept

Designer Tad Orlowski found some of his inspiration for the concept in the growth of modern smartphones. The age of infotainment that the smartphone has brought in, would of course be desirable for expansion into other walks of life. Of course, the major attraction for the bus would be for commercial/advertisement applications, and the designer says two large European cities have already expressed some interest in the concept.

It would perhaps be interesting to see the cost factor that comes into play with making an entire bus body out of LCDs, which perhaps could be handled with the greater commercial potential the bus offers. Another issue would be the handling of these displays and their potential chance of distracting other motorists on the road.

Willie Bus

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