Artist Makes Gingerbread House Replicas of Famous Museums

modern architecture rebuilt with gingerbread

Making gingerbread houses is great, making gingerbread houses that take the shape of modern complex architectural structures is even better. Food stylist Caitlin Levin worked with photographer Henry Hargreaves in the creation of these delicious replicas of famous buildings.

Working to recreate silhouettes of these famous structures, the artists intended to portray candy in a more serious light, choosing to present the photographs in a monochromatic touch rather than the vivid and glossy colors that are inherent to candy. Gingerbread though, isn’t an easy material to work with.

As Hargreaves says, “It dried, shrunk, became brittle and constantly misbehaved.” The difficulty of working with gingerbread led the duo to give up the idea of constructing the houses, though the photographs obviously stayed on.

Via Core77

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