English Galleon Revenge of 1577 Recreated in Lego

English Galleon Revenge in Lego

A stunningly detailed warship, the Galleon Revenge takes its name from the 1577 English Ship Revenge. The galleon is often credited with a new approach to ship design that would change naval warfare for the next three hundred years. It is probably the same glory that Brickshelf user maydayartist sought to recreate in his replica build of the Revenge.

Apart from the detailed build that comes from Lego bricks, the ship’s construction also employed custom cloth sales and rigging. The final touch in the image you see at the top came from placing the ship in its own element, the high seas. Of course that presentation owes itself to the magic of photoshop, but we’re sure the ship would love its place on the waters.

While we are on topic of ships re-created in Lego, you might also want to take a look at the French Frigate Achille.

Via maydayartist, Brothers-Brick

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