Giant Nomadic City Rolls on Caterpillar Tracks

nomadic city vls by Manuel Dominguez

Called VLS (Very Large Structure), this is a concept of a giant nomadic city that moves on tracks to find itself preferable environmental, physical and economic conditions. Designed by Manuel DomĂ­nguez, the gigantic futuristic city is built off available technology that could be scaled to suit the needs of building a movable town like this, should such an opportunity arise.

In words of the designer, the drawbacks would of course include the astronomical amounts of energy required to move the behemoth structure, or the reinforcement of the ground and track that would be required to allow the entire city to drive through.

The 560 meter long city would not exactly be a leech on the resources of the area it travels to, but would be perfectly capable of producing enough energy for its requirements and might even be used to construct buildings for the areas it visits. VLS is built in three levels, the lowest working as a warehouse and construction area, the middle level for services like waste disposal and air conditioning, while the top level would be used as habitation.

Via Dezeen

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