Functional Prototype of Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

replica back to the future hoverboard

We have not really kept up with technological advances in fiction, a very glaring example of which is that we don’t yet have anything close to the hoverboard that Marty McFly showed off in Back to the Future. Though it is quite heartening to see that we are making progress on that score. Here’s a functioning 1:2 scale replica of the Hoverboard. Good news, it hovers. Bad news, you can’t even begin to use it the way Marty did.

CLR-1 runs on a levitation rail using multiple levitation devices. So it can hover in the air, but it cannot go off track. Plus, it can only handle less than 1 kilo of weight while levitating, so doing crazy stuff with it is out of the question as well. Still, we do happen to be getting somewhere, so it is not all bad.

Via Crealev, BitRebels

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