Dried Human Tears Under a Microscope

dried human tears under a microscope by rose lynn fisher

Topography of Tears by photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher takes a very interesting and remarkable look at dried human tears under a microscope. She started the project about five years ago, when one day she randomly decided to take a look at her tears under a microscope. What she saw in the slide is something she equals to aerial photographs of a landscape, and she probably isn’t too far from the truth.

Tears are generally categorized into three different types based on their origin. Psychic tears are those caused by emotion, either happiness or sadness. Basal tears are continuously secreted to keep the eyes lubricated. Finally, Reflex tears are those that the eye secretes in response to irritants like dust and onion vapors. The chemical makeup of each of these tears is different, and obviously presents a different appearance under the microscope.

Via Rose-Lynn Fisher, SmithsonianMag, Geekologie

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