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mice with elvis presley dna by koby barhad

Prepare yourself for new royalty shaped in the form of mice. But that’s not just any mice, these are mice with the DNA of the king of rock and roll. For his “All That I Am” project, Koby Barhad used the DNA of Elvis Presley in genetically engineered mice. The idea is to explore ethical and philosophical concerns, ranging from questions of talent, to the ownership and legal rights tied to using someone else’s genetic data.

Koby sourced Presley’s DNA from a few strands of his hair that the designer bought through eBay. The designer than found a company offering genetic services, and sent them the data required to produce mice with tailormade genetics.

Unfortunately, we won’t have Stuart Little like mice versions of Elvis Presley running around and kicking up awesome tunes. What we do have, is mice. Who apparently boast to others of their kin that they have the genes of the king of rock. To which other mice presumably reply with a very sincere “WTF is that?”

Via designboom