Star Trek ‘Navigraphic’ Takes an Interactive Journey to the Star Trek Universe

This navigation infographic or “navigraphic” takes the viewer on a journey of the Star Trek universe through three replica bridges for The Enterprise, that appear depending on the universe or setting you choose. Once on the Enterprise of your choice, you can take a look at three technologies from the specific Star Trek world, and their modern analogs, getting a sense of how close to Star Trek technology our world really is.

Of course, the best thing would be to have spaceships that let us explore the final frontier, but we don’t seem to be doing too badly in progressing towards that direction. Only, we need to do all that faster because space exploration is awesome. The navigraphic has been made by musicMagpie. We had to scale down the graphic to fit our page, but you can see the whole screen on their website.

Via musicMagpie

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