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schildi tortoise with lego wheel prosthetic leg

This little guy was found in Germany. Abandoned and in poor shape, the Hermann tortoise was missing a part of his front leg. Schildi the tortoise soon found himself in the care of German veterinary clinic Bird Consulting International. His injured front leg was in such bad shape that it had to be amputated at the shoulder. While the process probably saved him from further harm, it created an obvious problem with the mobility of the tortoise.

Hoping to get around the problem, veterinarian Panagiotis Azmanis gave Schildi a Lego wheel prosthetic leg. The setup is held in place by surgical glue and provides a cost-effective way for the tortoise to be mobile again.

As the tortoise grows, customizations can be made to the Lego setup to suit his needs, in the shape of extra blocks being added and replaced over time. The wheel will also need periodic replacements and the vet expects Schildi to be back every year for a “tire change.”

Via TheLocal, cnet