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Furniture that has the elements cars is not really rare, but it is rare to see where the disciplines of automobiles and furniture work in harmony. Glamour Beetle Armchair is way more than a couch dumped into a cut section of the Beetle. It manages to keep its identity as the car while very successfully functioning as a chair as well.

Designed in collaboration by Andrea Colombo who brought the love for iconic cars to the table, and Linda Assandri who has a passion for Swarovski and glam details, the Glamour Beetle Armchair combines car art with Baroque elements.

A principle element in the design is of course, the Volkswagen Beetle MY1968 that gives much of the shape to the chair and covers the upholstered chair. The chair by is decked with Swarovski crystals for the added touch of glamor, while the car has LEDs in its light for effect. If that isn’t enough bling for you, they are offering the chair to be finished in real silver or gold leaf.

Product Page: ZAC Glamour Design

Via Freshome