Race Through the Highway to Hell in a Jet Powered Coffin

Why does the world need a jet powered coffin? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Enthusiast Bob Maddox built a pulsejet powered coffin car that goes from zero to sixty in nine seconds, and keeps its driver in a coffin.

Growing up in the tiny town of Phoenix, OR, Maddox lived in a house adjacent to a cemetery. The headstones had been moved, but unknown to the family, the coffins remained underground. When he was a child, his father dug a swimming pool and hit four graves, an incident that caused a small uproar in the town.

Years later, Maddox combined his fascination of Halloween, pulsejets and his skills as a cabinet builder to create the coffin car, a tribute to the Drag-U-La coffin car from the cartoon show Munsters.

It cost him around $1300 and a month to build the car. The coffin car weighs 400 pounds and is quite a daredevil, given its make and its loud pulsejet powerhouse.

Bob Maddox
Via Wired Autopia

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