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Concept 1865 is the classic Penny-farthing bicycle made to modern specifications, with modern materials. Developed as a prototype made by DING3000 working with chemical company BASF, the bicycle is meant to be a study of what the first bicycles would have been like, had their inventors stuck to their design but with access to modern materials.

The name comes from the year 1865 when BASF was founded, and from the classic bicycles Velocipede or Dandy Horse. Taking a modern view of the penny-farthing bicycle, the E-Velocipede “Concept 1865” has an electric drive to suit the modern world, bearingless all plastic pedals, and light and puncture-proof tires, the cutting edge technologies were made available by BASF.

Ding3000 does explain that the unusual e-Bike is not meant to go into production, or even be considered a re-invention of the classic bicycle. It is meant to be a design study with modern materials and their applications.

Even so, the bike does look pretty dandy. We wouldn’t mind taking a ride on that beauty, even with the attached risk of being labeled a hipster.