Russia’s ADS Assault Rifle Shoots 800 Rounds Per Minute While Underwater

Designed for Russia’s naval special forces, the ADS assault rifle is a lethal weapon that can shoot very effectively on land, and underwater. Presently, the Russian units are required to carry at least two fire arms, one for the land, and the other for water. The new ADS takes care of that problem by being a very effective amphibian weapon.

It is based on the well known A-91M bullpup assault rifle platform. While on land, the rifle fires 5.45x39mm M74 rounds that are used in the AK-74, and moves to 5.45 x 39 PSP rounds underwater. It can also attach a grenade launcher and a variety of optical sights. The rifle has a range of 25 meters and is being built by Russia’s state owned KBP company.

Via Motherboard, Gizmodo

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