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Black Queen

Chess is one of the oldest board games in existence and has a good share of imagination. Something that touches up the imagination should be even more interesting, like the moving, animated pieces in the Harry Potter movie. Italian photographer Francesco Ridolfi stepped up on the imagination and gave Chess pieces the very human forms that each piece is supposed to represent.

For the photographer, it is not just a simple touch of the opposing pieces on the chess board. He extends it to life and philosophy, a battle between dark and illumination that drives humans. It is this dualism that the series delves on. In our opinion, the very Sylvester Stallone lookalike pawns should get more attention. All the kings, queens, rooks and bishops can kiss each other goodbye on a board populated by 16 Rambos.

White Queen

Black King

White King

Black Bishop

White Bishop

Black Rook

White Rook

Black Pawn

White Pawn

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Via VisualNews

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